South African on China is a collection of stories, musings and updates about China, written by a South African who recently returned from five years on the Mainland. You can expect posts about Chinese art, the Chinese in Africa, Chinese business and tourism – and no doubt a few nostalgia-tinged pieces about how much I miss mala tang.

About the author

Claire van den Heever Claire van den Heever is a Mandarin-speaking writer, journalist and author based in Cape Town, who first became interested in China as a recent graduate living in London. In 2006, she travelled overland across Europe and Asia to Shanghai with her partner Iain Manley, and arrived eighteen months later with a collection of stories published on Old World Wandering, one of the web’s first travelogues.

In Shanghai, she wrote Paint By Numbers, a book about China’s contemporary art scene, got to grips with Mandarin, and three years later set off again to continue exploring the Old World. After two years in Southeast Asia and another in Beijing, she returned to her native South Africa, where she writes about China — and its growing influence in Africa — from her home in Cape Town.

Feel free to get in touch if you’re in need of a Mandarin speaker, would like to discuss collaborating on a project together, or just to say hello. You’ll  can find out more about my China-based experience on the China page.

clairevdh@gmail.com | @clairevdh



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